La Petronilla: the New Boutique Hotel in Moganshan

20 June 2022
LAPE Hotel in Moganshan

Moganshan has been described as Shanghai's version of Tuscany. The pristine natural landscape all through the year makes it a great holiday destination or the perfect weekend gateway for visitors from Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. Now, you can unwind with the Moganshan Mountain breeze at our recently opened Boutique Hotel in Moganshan: La Petronilla (in short, LAPE), which brings together the best of Asia and Europe, creating a vibe that will make you want to escape from the city for a while.

La Petronilla is built on a property of over 500 smq in the heart of Mogashan ( Xiwuli, houwu village, Moganshan town). The property comprises of a 3-floor building with European design, 7 large bed rooms, open spaces and with the first floor dedicated to a restaurant with a fireplace and a reading area along with a spacious al fresco terrace on both the front and back yards. The hotel also has a wonderful swimming pool where both adults and children can find their own space to relax and enjoy themselves.

LAPE Hotel in Moganshan

Carlo, Matteo, Severino and other close friends were looking for a location to offer both Italian lifestyle and local culture in one place. La Petronilla takes its name from a famous Italian restaurant on the world-famous Costa Smeralda in Sardinia, owned by the relatives of the new venture. The restaurant originated in 1969, with many celebrities thoroughly enjoying their time spent at La Petronilla. Among them, we can include the international goddess Audrey Hepburn and the Italian national treasure, actress Sophia Loren.

La Petronilla here in Moganshan aim to create a new space with an Italian touch in harmony with the natural landscape. The design team took this as their inspiration when they began working on the concept for Moganshan's hotel, creating a concept that matches creativity and proximity to nature and to the mountain landscape, in their choice of materials.

The shareholders are proud of their new hotel's historical significance as well as its modern amenities for guests. La Petronilla is a Boutique hotel that combines the beautiful mountain views of Moganshan with the Italian lifestyle and a unique Italian restaurant, Senso, which is a new edition of one of the best Italian restaurants in Shanghai. The guests can enjoy delicious dishes like pasta with seafood or risotto while marveling at the beautiful view of Moganshan sitting in the dining room or in the outdoor space.

The boutique hotel was designed by the Italian architect Stefano Piontini, who aimed to build a place that combined Italian style with the local scenery. Italian brands such as iGuzzini, Illy, Bottega, Enit, Itema, VSP, Senso Dining, further enrich the Boutique Hotel, offering guests a unique experience.

With the concept of the Petronilla Boutique Hotel following the same spirit: it is environmentally friendly and features plenty of bamboo as well as fresh clean air, the perfect place to reconnect with nature.

It's no secret that we're big fans of Moganshan and all its wonders. We love the mountain views, the fresh air, and the natural beauty of it all—and now, it's about to become even more beautiful! Welcome to La Petronilla! La Petronilla is the perfect place for a family gathering, corporate event and teambuilding activities, as well as a romantic break. We are looking forward to hosting you.

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