Scent of a Hotel: 7 Rooms with 7 Tastes of Wine

30 Sep 2022

No culture is defined by their wine like Italy. “The Wine Bible” author Karen MacNeil notes that “In Italy, wine is food… wine and bread are as essential to an Italian dinner as a fork and knife (probably more so).”

7 Rooms with 7 Tastes of Wine

According to historians, the first production of wine dates back to around 7000 BC in China when honey and fruit were fermented into an alcoholic drink. So, who brought wine to the Italian peninsula? In fact, by the time the Greeks arrived and brought viticulture to Southern Italy around 800 BC.  They also noted that due to the climate and terrain, Italy is a land so perfectly suited for grape-growing that they called it The Land of Wine.

From the snow-capped Alps in the north to the sun-drenched slopes of the south, along beautiful lakes and long coastlines, whether in national parks or roadside jungles, city squares or small-town ancient stone walls - the heart of Italy beats with wine.

LAPE Hotel in Moganshan

At the moment, there are about 350 official Italian wine varieties. There have been rumors that over 2,000 different Italian grapes exist. Today, Italian wine is famous for its diversity.

Since the 1800s, the ancestors of the founder of LAPE Hotel have always been linked to their land, working on its soil while also making wine. The family has written its own history in various regions, from Abruzzo to Tuscany, to arrive in Calabria and Sardinia. Regions rich in food and wine history.

LAPE Hotel in Moganshan

For the love of the earth and the passion of the wine, the 7 rooms of the hotel have been named after Italian wine. From the sparkling Prosecco to Sangiovese, Negroamaro to Brunello, Montepulciano to Barolo. Each name seems to exude a different aroma of its own specialty, not only that, but you can also enjoy a bottle of wine directly of Italian origin in the hotel's Italian restaurant, an appropriate interpretation of 'from winery to table' as the wine from the hotel is derived from an authentic winery in Italy's Abbruzzo region. The red wine Rieccolo from the famous territory of DOC, or the very delicate white wine, Pecorino, suitable with seafood. Smell the aromas, appreciate the color, and taste life slowly.

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