Boost Your Holiday Morning with illy at LAPE

20 June 2022
LAPE Hotel in Moganshan

The Perfect Holiday Morning

The perfect place to begin one’s holiday morning is at La Petronilla Boutique Hotel, awakening to not only with the twitter of birds in the mountains, but also with a cup of real Italian coffee, activating all of your senses. Coffee is the prelude to the beginning of a better life, representing the refinement and quality of Italian culinary tradition.

La Petronilla is built on a property of over 500 smq in the heart of Mogashan ( Xiwuli, houwu village, Moganshan town). The property comprises of a 3-floor building with European design, 7 large bed rooms, open spaces and with the first floor dedicated to a restaurant with a fireplace and a reading area along with a spacious al fresco terrace on both the front and back yards. The hotel also has a wonderful swimming pool where both adults and children can find their own space to relax and enjoy themselves.

A person drinking illy coffee
illy coffee in La Petronilla Hotel in Moganshan

The coffee in the LAPE hotel is specially provided by the famous Italian brand illy. You can enjoy it in the restaurant on the first floor or even in your own room if you like, as guest rooms are equipped with a coffee machine and capsules. After the sound of distillation and extraction, you can sit at the balcony, welcoming in the morning light and overlooking the hills of Moganshan, quietly enjoying your morning. If you are still not satisfied, leisurely make your way downstairs and our professional barista in the restaurant will make you another cup of Cappuccino, Latte or Espresso to wake you up, the Italian slow life has just begun.

illy caffè is an Italian family business founded in Trieste in 1933 by Francesco Illy. The company is renowned around the world and recognized for the high quality and velvety taste of the coffee, a blend made of nine varieties of pure Arabica that delights millions of people every day at home, in the office, in hotels, restaurants and coffee shops.

The company has built a world of experience, taste, science, and art around the pleasure of a perfect cup of coffee. 

illy x LAPE

The aim for La Petronilla Boutique Hotel in cooperating with illy is also inseparable from the unique sustainable development business philosophy of its coffee. The brand has created a circular pathway in which quality meets sustainability.

For illy, "Coffee is only good when it is good for everyone”, the social benefits behind making a good cup of coffee are also very important, which coincides with the business value of the founders of LAPE Hotel, which insists on low-carbon environmental protection and sustainable social development.

The hotel continues with this environmental protection spirit, the harmonious coexistence of people, nature and animals is an important concept of hotel management which continues to develop.

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